Workplace Assessments

IntegAssess has a primary focus to empower organizations, groups and individuals to make better decisions.

We provide web based Assessments, Surveys and Consulting systems and services to assess the integrity, capability and workplace profiles of staff as well as provide information and insights about the organizational dynamics, environment, situations and issues.


Psychometric Assessments

Our Psychometric Assessments are registered with the HPCSA thus providing the assurance that they are robust and have a proven track record to help in you screening and recruitment of new employees. They are also used to assess existing employees in the structuring of your teams and in the development of your existing staff. With these assessments you can conduct better interviews, streamline your recruitment process and select the best candidate, placing the right people in the right roles and develop your people according to their strengths.

Online Surveys

Our Online Surveys help organisations grow and improve processes and profits by obtaining accurate input and constructive feedback from internal and external stakeholders.  With questions customised (with your input) to suit your environment and meet your challenges, we are able to supply you with data that makes a real difference.  We help you get the relevant information, that helps you overcome your challenges and gather information that is critical to your organisation, helping you find better ways of doing business.

Outcomes Model Toolkit

Our Outcomes Model Toolkit helps  an organisation dig deep into its  internal dynamics working with inputs from all levels of the organisation.  It is a method to provide clarity to company vision, existing complex  situations and issues and then helps create strategy and plots the path to its achievement.

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P O Box 583 

+27 11 568 0741


We offer assessments close to where people live or work, to save costs & for convenience for 5 or more people.

We will create temporary Assessment Centres at companies, education campuses, etc as required.

All assessments are web based and can therefore be done anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

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