Aptitude is a term used to describe a person’s inherent capacity, talent or ability to do something as opposed to their knowledge. Having an aptitude for something means the individual has a natural ability, for learning and proficiency in a specific area or discipline. This natural capacity or talent enables an individual to perform a particular job or task successfully.
Talent is developed and managed not taught. Elements that are taught are education and do not indicate natural abilities. When an individual has an aptitude for something it means they have a natural flare for it. That in turn has many advantages to both individuals and employers. When people have an aptitude for their task or job they achieve quicker and better results and thus remain motivated as they maintain momentum.

How can Aptitude be measured:

Through carefully designed questionnaires a candidate’s innate abilities and potential for achievement (and not his or her knowledge) is ascertained. The Comprehensive Aptitude Profile (CAP) tests aptitude, cognition, personality, and integrity forming an all-inclusive profile of the individual. This profile gives clear indicators as to a person’s natural talents revealing both their abilities and their limitations.

What is measured:

Our Aptitude assessments test the 4 critical areas that help determine a person’s success, namely:

  • Aptitude (talent)
  • Cognition (mental capacity)
  • Personality (nature)
  • Integrity (values)

Where is Aptitude assessment used:

  • With youth who have not had work experience
  • Educational institutions – career planning
  • Selection and development in learnership, internship and trainee programmes
  • Counselling

Why assess Aptitude:

  • To give clear guidance regarding educational and vocational choices
  • To give insight in career paths
  • To establish a good job fit