Cognitive and Learning Potential

Cognition is the scientific term for “the process of thought.” In cognitive science it refers to an information processing view of an individual’s psychological functions. Another component is cognitive potential, the potential to develop and grow.  See sample report below

How is Cognitive Ability and Learning Potential measured:

The COPAS (Cognitive and Potential Assessment) is dedicated to measure both the cognitive component (rather than IQ), in terms of the mental ability a person is actually using as well as the latent part of their cognitive component (potential to develop) thus measuring the ‘total’ cognitive capacity they can expect if fully developed. The COPAS is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and consists of three parts; a test, training and retest section. The assessment is easy to apply and is language and culture ‘free’.

What is measured:

The COPAS assesses the entire cognitive domain including three main cognitive substructures:

  • Current (realised) Mental Ability (CMA),
  • Optimal Learning Potential (OPL) &
  • Integrated Cognitive Capacity Index (ICCI)

The COPAS is aligned to Elliott Jaques’ Stratified Systems Theory, clearly indicating the individual’s fit within the organisational structure.  

The entire context of the cognitive component is assessed focusing on the Six Cognitive Constructs (CCs) related to problem solving:

  • Mental Alertness
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning
  • Numerical Ability/Orientation
  • Original & Creative Thinking
  • Spatial Relations & Concept Formation
  • Alertness to Detail & in Perception

Where Cognitive Ability and Learning Potential assessment is used:

  • Screening, Selection and Placement
  • Development
  • Important people-decisions
  • Counselling
  • Career planning
  • Training Intervention and Organisational Development

Why assess Cognitive Ability and Learning Potential:

  • For guidance or interventions regarding cognitive ability or learning potential
  • Assessing a person’s current mental ability establishes what you can count on regarding their ability to perform tasks well. It reveals the level of thinking at which a person operates now and where they would best fit. Optimal learning potential indicates both the capacity that is currently latent and what can possibly still be developed.