Online Business Surveys

The Importance of Surveys

Much can be said about surveys in all areas of life and business – let us focus here on just one, perhaps one of the more important: Employee Satisfaction (think also about Employee Job Fulfilment Questions).

Measuring customer satisfaction is common practice in business and many companies recognise the importance of understanding their customer’s perceptions, needs and motivations.

Coupled with customer satisfaction however, is an understanding of what satisfies and motivates staff. The link between these two phenomena has been made by many business leaders and theorists alike, and some have built their business strategy around this.

Staff well-being and their level of satisfaction has been found to directly impact organisational performance and ultimately organisational success; dissatisfied staff are unlikely to foster a satisfied customer base, and dissatisfied customers directly impact the bottom line. Thus, measurement of the staff experience is an integral part of developing the customer experience.

Businesses don’t create value, People do  – Ram Charan